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The sparkling smiles

Good oral hygiene is essential for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Regular brushing and flossing are important, but they alone may not be enough to keep your sparkling smiles and free of dental problems. That’s where teeth scaling and polishing come in.

Teeth scaling and polishing are two separate procedures that work together to remove built-up plaque, tartar, and stains from the surface of your teeth. These professional cleaning techniques are typically performed by a dental hygienist as part of your routine dental check-up. In this article, we will delve into the importance of teeth scaling and polishing for maintaining good oral health.

What is Teeth Scaling?

Teeth scaling is a procedure that involves removing plaque and tartar buildup from the surface of your teeth and along the gum line. Plaque is a sticky film that forms on teeth when bacteria mix with saliva and food particles. If plaque is not removed, it can harden into tartar, which can lead to various dental problems such as cavities, gum disease, and bad breath.

Teeth scaling is usually performed using special tools called scalers. These instruments come in different shapes and sizes to fit different areas of the mouth. The scaler is used to gently scrape off plaque and tartar from the teeth and below the gum line. The dental hygienist may also use an ultrasonic scaler that emits vibrations to help loosen stubborn plaque and tartar.


The main benefit of teeth scaling is the removal of plaque and tartar, which can prevent the development of cavities and gum disease. But there are other benefits as well.

  • Fresher Breath: Built-up plaque and tartar can harbor bacteria that cause bad breath. Removing them through teeth scaling can help improve your breath.
  • Brighter Smile: Plaque and tartar can also cause discoloration or staining on your teeth. Teeth scaling can remove these stains, leaving your smile brighter and more attractive.
  • Healthy Gums: Plaque and tartar buildup can irritate the gums and cause inflammation, leading to gum disease. Teeth scaling can help keep your gums healthy and prevent gum disease.

What is Teeth Polishing?

Teeth polishing is a procedure that involves smoothing out the surface of your teeth to make it shiny and smooth. After scaling, the dental hygienist uses a polishing tool with a special paste that contains fluoride to gently polish the surface of your teeth. This helps remove any remaining plaque or stains and leaves your teeth feeling silky smooth.


  • Fresher Breath: Just like teeth scaling, teeth polishing can help improve your breath by removing bacteria and plaque that cause bad breath.
  • Smoother Teeth: The polishing process not only removes stubborn plaque and stains but also smooths out the surface of your teeth. This can make it more difficult for plaque to stick, helping you maintain a cleaner mouth.
  • Stronger Teeth: The fluoride in the polishing paste helps strengthen tooth enamel, making your teeth more resistant to decay and cavities.

How Often Should You Get Teeth Treatment?

The frequency of getting your teeth scaled and polished may vary depending on your oral health needs. In general, it is recommended to have these procedures done at least once every six months as part of your routine dental check-up. However, if you have a history of gum disease or excessive plaque and tartar buildup, your dentist may recommend more frequent scaling and polishing.

Other Tips for Maintaining Good Oral Health

While teeth scaling and polishing are essential for maintaining a healthy smile, there are also other steps you can take to improve your oral health. These include:

  • Brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste
  • Flossing daily to remove plaque and debris between teeth
  • Using an antiseptic mouthwash to kill bacteria and freshen breath
  • Eating a balanced diet rich in calcium for strong teeth and bones
  • Drinking plenty of water to help wash away food particles and keep your mouth hydrated


Is teeth scaling and polishing painful?

No, the procedures are usually painless. Your dentist may administer local anesthesia if you have sensitive gums.

Can I just brush my teeth more to avoid scaling and polishing?

While brushing is important for maintaining good oral hygiene, it cannot remove hardened plaque or tartar that can only be removed through professional cleaning.

How long does a teeth scaling and polishing appointment take?

The length of the appointment can vary, but it typically takes about 30-60 minutes to complete both procedures. It may take longer if there is significant buildup or if you have not had a cleaning in a while.


teeth scaling and polishing are important procedures that can help prevent various dental problems. By removing plaque, tartar, and stains from your teeth, these techniques not only keep your smile looking bright but also contribute to better oral health.

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