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The post pandemic era has taken the financial industry by surprise. With the sophisticated and smart nature of crimes consistently surging, engaging in regional and cross border business activity has become more complicated than ever. 

Confidence and trust is pivotal to both B2C and B2B relationships. However, screening for any underlying and clear signs of risks remains a tricky process to avoid legal and reputational repercussions. 

This is where global watchlist checks sets in. Industries all across the globe are faced with a consistent challenge of screening for potential business partners, suppliers and customers. Financial industry, however, is more exposed due to their easy nature of being exploited for financial crimes including money laundering and corruption. 

Among a range of screening softwares claiming to align with the unique business needs, the fact in 2024 remains different. More than being aligned with business needs, data is the new future. A screening software with a credible database to screen against, is going to help your business with compliance in 2024. 

This blog will be your guide about the essential of watchlist screening solutions in 2024. Lets dig into knowing all about it! 

Watchlists Vs Sanction Lists 

A common concern that disrupts the timely processing of AML compliance is the distinctive nature of both sanction and watchlists. 

While sanction lists contain names of the entities, individuals and organizations that are fined for their non compliance watchlists does not contain names of the already charmed subjects, but are highly wanted for their susceptibility and risk of being involved in the crime that is not yet proved against their name. 

As said “ Global watchlists contain names, details, and other relevant information of targets that have been marked by government authorities in a bid to impose sanction measures on a particular entity.”

However, the goal for both these lists remains the same. To refrain the targeted subject from getting involved in illicit practices that could hamper the financial landscape, security and regulatory compliance. 

Top 5 Essentials of Global Watchlist Screening System

While the essence of ongoing watchlist monitoring remains the same i.e is to screen the firms against authorized lists to evaluate for any possible threat or risk associated with working in collaboration with them. Here are five must-have to never miss out on

Financial crimes are all across the place. When it comes to AML compliance, the challenges to deal with corruption and money laundering and the cost to non-compliance are far less than legal repercussions that are imposed due to gaps in AML screening system. 

  1. Risk-Based Watchlist Screening Process 

Deploying a risk-based approach for watchlist screening would involve filtering out only relevant red flags. The question arises, how does screening software work? 

Business organizations may need to set up a risk-based threshold, explicitly setting a risk score. Cases surpassing that particular risk score are considered high risk and resources of due diligence are spent on only those relevant and prioritized cases. 

  1. Prioritize Credible Data Sources Over a Number of Sources

Businesses are often overwhelmed with the number of watchlists to screen through. While many official lists are highly cluttered and don’t contain refined data, major focus in 2024 should be placed on referring to credible data sources alone. 

  1. Filter Out Relevant Lists That Apply To Jurisdiction 

A big part of watchlist screening and AML compliance is the sheer volume of alerts and the large volume of fugitive and debarment lists that need to be looked into. Businesses if planning to vouch for an effective watchlist screening program must refer to the lists that apply to their jurisdiction, customers and products. 

In short, automated tools with relevancy filters that can filter out relevant insights from authorized lists that apply to certain jurisdictions, regions and states. 

  1. Simple Integration Is The Way Out 

Last but not the least, the time it takes for a solution to integrate into workflows can improve the efficiency of the sanction, so this aspect of this must never be avoided. 

AML Watcher with a distinctive feature of REST APIs, provides up to the minute, updated information into potential subjects of your choice. Businesses can also opt for on premise solutions that cut short the time it takes to request and receive data for every search query. 


Seemingly precise domain, watchlist screening has yet many domains to explore. Apart from traditional watchlists, cyber crime watchlists are emerging as the new domain and demand greater time and attention to handle the emerging crimes of similar nature. 

Are you looking for efficient watchlist screening services? AML watcher is a one unified solution for comprehensive AML compliance leaving no gaps that may result in damage to your business. Try searching for FREE with open search that enables quick insight into PEP and Sanctions data about a target subject.

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