“Wanderlust”, is a word that is widespread now, with most people surely aware of its meaning.  Yet, the question that remains is, why do travelers use it very much these days?

The expression “wanderlust,” a derivative from the German language and first, signifying a love of going round about things, has been used nowadays to describe the manner in which one is enthusiastic about traveling to new places. 

Many individuals will be familiar with this experience, which is why many Instagram pictures, blogs, and travel publications feature it. 

However, there are instances where financial and/or time restrictions prevent travel. But that doesn’t imply that the need to travel disappears. 

The inborn human characteristics that glorify the spirit are the desire to explore the earth and see new things. But you may have other issues such as the lack of the ability to travel to distant places due to financial constraints schedule conflicts or unforeseen events which in turn pose a problem to the fulfillment of one’s wanderlust urge.

Remember you don’t have to give up your travel and wondering nature in order to have a comfortable home. This guide is providing with three best ways to satisfy your passion for travel even if you never leave your home. We’ll introduce a couple of exciting ideas as well for involving yourself with the beauty of nature.

1. Convert Your Space into a Coastal Retreat

For instance, coastline areas presumably cause people to be calm, and relaxed and to enjoy scenic playfulness while they are passing by. Sure, when you can’t have enough time for the beach, you can create your own coastal lodges for sale in resorts in your house through little yet efficient adjustments. Waft through the options of including relaxing colors, driftwood, shells, and rattan furniture, the ones used on the beach. 

Furthermore, even if I do not wish to invest in real estate to get an income, I would consider such ownership as a source of inspiration and ideas. When you do not have an opportunity to take off on a sea trip to have an extraordinary experience of a seashore getaway at home, you can recreate a replica of the trip by becoming part of the sea atmosphere. 

2. Foster International Culinary Experiences

A journey without trying the local delicacies is like a vacation without documentation. You may not be able to go to different countries and enjoy their food, but you can have international culinary experiences in your kitchen, bring those countries to your kitchen, and relish their kind of food in your own kitchen which is far away from their homelands.

An approach to mimicking dishes that are listed in recipes book is giving a try and playing with the ingredients, spices, and cooking methods. You can do this by moving from country to country as well as from one region to the other. On a night, host a party with a theme designed around your dream holidays.

The décor, music, and atmosphere would help you get to where you want to go with all your might. Your heart can be lightened, and you can satisfy your curiosity to travel the world with your comfort food being the medium you use.

3. Take Advantage of Virtual Travel Experiences

As a result of new technology, virtual worlds of traveling are so convenient that one can have already swallowed all the corners of the planet without even having to take one step away from home. Be that “football game” or any cultural performance you wish to visit can be brought from your front couches to your living room with options like live-streamed events and cultural performances, virtual tours of popular landmarks and museums, etc.

Homebound Horizons: Top 3 Ways To Satisfy Wanderlust Without Leaving Home 

Use online mapping tools to virtually walk through the streets of your ideal location, or use virtual hikes and wildlife documentaries to fully immerse yourself in the natural world. Through the power of technology and virtual travel experiences, you can expand your horizons and sate your wanderlust with a little ingenuity and resourcefulness. 

Some Other Ideas to Satisfy Your Wanderlust  

Besides these amazing ways, there are a few more tricks that can help you experience the longing Wanderlust without leaving your house: 

1. Acquire New Proficiency 

Have you always desired to learn a new skill? Want to learn how to take better pictures and/or videos? Have you considered creating a blog or vlog of your own? 

The best time to invest in all of this is right now. By learning how to edit videos online, you can create some incredible travel videos. This can help you launch a new business, enabling you to work full-time and travel. 

Seize the opportunity to have additional time by signing up for the courses on the secondary tutor which can be easily accessed online. In the past, I have been an English tutor to people from other countries to earn extra passes and other benefits. One can obtain the TEFL certification needed to teach English online. 

2. Take Up a New Language 

Learning a new language can transport you to different parts of the world without ever leaving your home. It not only helps you connect with the culture but also enhances cognitive skills and opens up new opportunities. If you’re looking for a widely spoken and useful language, you can start learning Spanish as a second language. There are numerous online platforms and resources available to help you achieve fluency and experience the vibrant cultures of Spanish-speaking countries right from your living room

Among many ways to totally immerse oneself in the culture of a nation, talking in their official language is just one of them. In this free time, you have while being with yourself, consider investing a little of your day in learning a language you want to master. 

The Internet is a rich source of many free resources that you can use for learning a language, like Duolingo, YouTube videos, and podcasts in your target language, as well as blogs, news websites, audiobooks, etc. 

3. Pursue a Book Set in an Exotic Location 

Television is not to everyone’s taste. A few people enjoy reading. The best part is that you can learn about an exotic place without reading a “travel book.” 

Books about travel, both fiction and non-fiction, are part of a constantly expanding genre, and some books become popular among travel bloggers. Even though they’re enjoyable to read, repeatedly reading books in the same style can get tiresome. 

How about a fiction or non-fiction book set in a far-off place? 

It isn’t even required to be elaborate. If people hadn’t read Devil in the White City, they wouldn’t have been nearly as eager to visit Chicago. How many people specifically travel to Scotland and England to visit the Harry Potter series? 

4. Create Scrapbooks with Your Best Travel Recollections 

Although digital photo albums are good, there’s something unique about having a tangible, physical book. Make a scrapbook with the pictures you printed off from some of your best adventures. This is a fantastic way to make memories that will last for years to come and to relieve an amazing trip. 

5. Binge-Watch Shows and Movies 

Whatever international culture you’re interested in, Netflix probably contains some movies and TV series you’ll enjoy. Over the years, people could have seen wonderful international movies and series. Here are the recommended ones: 

TV Shows to satisfy Wanderlust: 

  • Dark (Germany) 
  • The Frozen Dead (France) 
  • The Valhalla Murders (Iceland) 
  • Elite (Spain) 
  • Borderliner (Norway) 
  • The Rain (Denmark) 
  • The Mire (Poland) 
  • Chalet (France) 

Movies to satisfy Wanderlust: 

  • Parasite (South Korea) 
  • Paris Je T’aime (France) 
  • Les Intouchables (France) 
  • L’Auberge Espagnole  
  • Breathless (France) 
  • Y Tu Mama También (Mexico) 
  • Amélie (France) 

And here are some English-language shows and movies that will satisfy your wanderlust when you’re stuck at home: 

  • Jack Whitehall’s Travels With My Father 
  • Our Planet 
  • Wanted (Australia) 
  • Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 
  • Eat Pray Love 
  • Letters to Juliet 
  • Midnight in Paris 
  • Lost in Translation 
  • Mamma Mia 

In the end! 

If you stay at home and your thirst for travel is soliciting, let me share some ideas with you. As you go on to the journey of other cultures from the friendly places that are your home, let’s use this spare time for the healing power of self-care, Wanderlust and leisure.

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