Smoothstack Lawsuit Tech Training Controversy impose a penalty of over $20,000Smoothstack Lawsuit Tech Training Controversy impose a penalty of over $20,000

The Detail of Smoothstack Lawsuit

Certainly! The Smoothstack lawsuit has been making headlines inside the tech enterprise. Here’s what you want to recognize:

  • Company Background: Smoothstack is a tech-training and worker-staffing organisation based in Virginia. They recruit individuals interested in IT roles, presenting training applications and site opportunities with clients like Accenture, Bloomberg, and Verizon.
  • The Controversy: The lawsuit alleges exploitative practices related to Training Repayment Agreement Provisions (TRAPs). These TRAPs impose a penalty of over $20,000 if tech people don’t entire a mandatory minimum billable hour requirement before leaving the program.
  • FTC’s Stance: The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has proposed stopping employers from the usage of TRAPs and considers them restrictive employment covenants. Approximately 10% of American employees are tormented by TRAPs.
  • State Laws: Some states, like Pennsylvania and California, are taking steps to ban TRAPs.
  • Class-Action Lawsuit: Led by way of former trainee Justin O’Brien, the lawsuit argues that Smoothstack’s education application violates hard work laws.

In summary, the lawsuit highlights worries approximately Smoothstack’s practices and the impact of TRAPs on tech people. 🚀🔍

What are the specific allegations in the lawsuit?

Certainly! The Smoothstack lawsuit alleges several violations associated with the enterprise’s practices. Here are the principle allegations:

  • Unpaid Training Wages: The lawsuit claims that Smoothstack did now not pay recruits for the first three weeks of education.
  • Overtime Pay Issues: During the closing 5 months of schooling, Smoothstack is accused of failing to pay for time beyond regulation hours labored by way of trainees.
  • Predatory Targeting: The lawsuit shows that Smoothstack focused people new to the tech enterprise who is probably unaware of their rights or determined to enter the sector.

These allegations highlight the debate surrounding Smoothstack’s practices and the impact on tech employees.

How has Smoothstack responded to these accusations?

In response to the allegations levied against it, Smoothstack has vehemently denied any wrongdoing and vowed to defend itself in opposition to the lawsuit. The organization emphasizes its dedication to ethical enterprise practices, compliance with applicable laws, and fostering a numerous and inclusive work surroundings

Smoothstack company bio data

Here are the complete bio Data of smoothstack company

Company NameSmoothstack, Inc.
TypeFor Profit
Phone Number+1-703-349-5540
Location8200 Greensboro Dr Ste 900, McLean, VA, 22102
MissionUnlock potential through merit-based career paths
Training Process12-14 weeks of intensive real-world training
DeploymentCandidates deployed to Fortune 500 companies
FoundersJohn Akkara, Prashanth Ram, Boris Kuiper
CultureBias-free, challenging, and rewarding environment

Smoothstack’s unique hire-train-deploy model aims to create a reliable source of excellent talent for tech projects while leveling the playing field based on merit. 🚀🔍👩‍💻

A Detail about Smoothstack Company

Smoothstack is a generation expertise incubator that offers an immersive training program to kick-start IT careers and deliver a sparkling source of IT skills. Let me percentage extra approximately their venture and method:

  • Mission: Smoothstack objectives to liberate the potential of individuals who may not have had the opportunity to showcase their expertise. They create a reliable pipeline of candidates for top-tier tech companies, emphasizing excellence and merit-based totally opportunities.
  • Training Program: Their extensive education software offers aspiring software engineers with actual-international competencies. Whether you’re transitioning from the navy to civilian life or seeking an IT apprenticeship, Smoothstack produces top-satisfactory expertise equipped to contribute to tech projects.
  • Unique Approach: Smoothstack’s lease-train-deploy (HTD) version identifies excessive-aptitude applicants, immerses them in upskilling, and matches them with customers’ technology environments.

In precis, Smoothstack bridges the space among skills and opportunity, growing a win-win scenario for both activity seekers and employers. 🚀🔍

Why Choose Smoothstack?

  • Expertise: With a group of industry experts and skilled trainers, Smoothstack offers pinnacle-notch tech training packages.
  • Seamless Solutions: From tech education to staffing, Smoothstack offers comprehensive answers tailored to your precise needs.
  • Trust and Integrity: Smoothstack values trust and integrity, ensuring that clients and applicants acquire the very best stage of carrier and assist.


In end, Smoothstack is your go-to tech training and staffing enterprise in Virginia. With a mixture of information, seamless answers, authority, and accept as true with, Smoothstack sets itself apart as a pacesetter in the industry. Whether you are trying to decorate your abilties or fill important tech roles, Smoothstack has the sources and revel in that will help you prevail. Contact Smoothstack these days and take the first step in the direction of a brighter tech destiny!

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