Real Estate App Development

The real estate sector is one of the thriving industries that are experimenting with the newest technologies day by day. Nowadays, enterprises are looking for real estate app development with advanced features and functions to stay competitive in the current market. Speaking of that, the adoption of modern technologies has transformed the domain digitally by making functions easier for its users.

The process of buying or selling properties is something people can’t escape in their lifetime. Hence, we can say it is a lucrative business one can invest in. As per Statista, the real estate market is anticipated to grow at a value of US$637.80 TN by the year 2024.  

If you also have a keen eye for this industry and looking to build a real estate app, here we are providing some details about real estate app development and its must-include features. Let’s dive in.      

What is a Real Estate App Development?

A real estate application is used to sell or buy properties by brokers, agents, and buyers. They have access to a wide range of properties for both users and professionals. These real estate apps help users in property management, appointment scheduling, property tours, seeing agent details, processing secure payments, comparing prices, and many more. 

These apps have a vast database including properties for different purposes such as rent, sell, and buy. Users can buy these properties by searching for them as per their budget, preferred location, etc. These apps act as a mediator between property owners, and buyers while making the process easier for them.      

Beneficial Features to Add to a Real Estate Application

Deciding about the must-have features for your real estate app development is a critical task to do. Below, we have listed some of the amazing features you can integrate with real estate app development, have a look-                                           

Create a User Profile

User profile creation is the most basic feature of a real estate app. In this, you must create a profile by entering your name, contact number, email, etc. into the app and then, verify it. You can also perform activities in the app by linking it to your other social media account.

Creating a profile is compulsory for everyone including users, sellers, and agents to access a wide variety of properties, list their properties to sell, save their favorites, and many more. 

Listings & Database

The real estate app development must demonstrate a property listing comprising all the available lands, homes, flats, etc. with all their details and owner information. There should be an easy process for users who want to sell, or rent their property. To maintain this vast data of properties, there will be required a database to avoid any kind of issue in the future. 

Smart Filters & Categories

Integration of smart filters in a mobile app makes it simpler for users to go for particular findings. With this, they can apply filters such as preferred area, budget, property size, and property type, as per their requirements. You can make your real estate app unique by adding these advanced search filters.            

Property Details 

Providing detailed information about the available properties such as homes, flats, lands, etc. on the real estate application will be highly beneficial for buyers. The details should include property size, nearby locality, exact address, amenities, construction years, and others. It will help both buyers and sellers to filter interested ones only leading to saving time for both parties. 

Virtual 3D Tour

With the help of virtual 3D technology, sellers can provide a real-time tour to buyers. It will be an incredible experience to help them to decide on the property. Through this, buyers can visualize how the property will look from every angle they are going to buy without visiting it in real. 

Property Cost Calculators

Property cost calculator feature helps buyers to get basic custom cost estimation for the property they want to purchase. It will provide them with an idea that it fits in their budget or not. The calculated price should be detailed including basic cost, interest rate, loan amount, EMI amount, etc., and easy to understand for buyers as it can highly affect their decision. 

Map Integration

Map integration feature is very useful for buyers as it doesn’t only provide them with the exact property location but also helps them to know the neighbor’s locality. They can have an overview of nearby landmarks, the crime rate in that area, schools, restaurants, hospitals, etc. 

Call or Direct Messaging 

What if your real estate app development users are struggling with some confusion? To help them, the app must integrate a call or direct messaging feature so that they can get assistance instantly. There should be options like direct calls, chat online, or booking a consultation.  

Data Analytics 

Data analytics helps real estate app owners to know how their users are interacting with the app comprising their recent activities on the app, their interests, preferred property locations, spent time on the app, etc. This feature provides valuable insights to help run varied marketing campaigns for different customer segments.       

Secure Payment 

A real estate app must ensure its users about the security of their personal and banking details. With the help of Blockchain technology integration, they can protect all the financial activities by users, deposits, booking fee transactions, and others. 

Added to Favorites

Users can view a lot of properties and save the ones they like as favorites. It will be beneficial for them to easily make the final decision sooner or later. Also, they can access the list of favorites whenever they want. 

Real-time Notifications

Real-time notifications help to engage and retain users on real estate applications. If users forget after saving or visiting a property they seem interested in, you can notify them about it. Also, if their saved property has a price difference, or property is available in their preferred location, you can send those updates to users. 


This feature integration is a must-have as it is helpful for both property agents and buyers to get reminders about their scheduled appointments to visit properties. To schedule a new appointment, they can easily review the calendar to see the availability.   

AI Chatbot Assistance

The real estate mobile application integrates an AI Chatbot to provide their users 24*7 assistance to answer their queries, improve user engagement, and offer them personalized recommendations based on their recent activities. 


There should be a specific feature for tenants looking for properties for rent in real estate applications. They should be allowed to specify their requirements regarding the properties they seek, be it commercial or residential. This feature must comprise the filters like budget, location, amenities, and others.  

Final Verdict

As we have explored the must-have features of a real estate mobile application in the above article, we hope you have found the right ones! You must consider these features to make your app unique and competitive in the current market. At present, the real estate market is booming, hence, you can consider it as the right time to invest in the same. You can hire Android app developers or iOS to build apps that can help you in the process and leverage their experience to make your real estate app outshine the competitors. 

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