Mastering Brimstone: Guide to Valorant's Controller

Brimstone, the experienced Valorant agent, has a strategic method for the battle. He uses his incendiary grenades and smoke canisters to create organized chaos on the field. Valorant Brimstone is skilled in area denial, setting up choke points, and blocking enemy sightlines with smoke as he classifies as a controller. This guide will equip you with the knowledge to unleash Valorant Brimstone’s firestorm upon your opponents.

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Understanding Valorant Brimstone’s Abilities

Mastering Brimstone: Guide to Valorant's Controller
  • Incendiary (Q): Throw a grenade that explodes after a short fuse timer, damaging enemies caught in the afterburn area.
  • Sky Smoke (C): Equip a tactical map to select an area where smoke canisters will deploy, obscuring vision.
  • Stim Beacon (E): Place a beacon that grants rapid fire to all allies within its range.
  • Orbital Strike (X): After a long windup, launch a devastating laser strike that damages enemies caught in the area.

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Equipping Brimstone Valorant for Success

  • Weapon Choices: Brimstone Valorant benefits from weapons that can control mid-range fights effectively. Consider rifles like Vandal or Phantom for precise engagements, or opt for SMGs like Stinger or Frenzy for close-quarter encounters.
  • Crosshair Placement: Valorant Brimstone’s abilities are most effective when used strategically. Maintain good crosshair placement to capitalize on enemies blinded by your smokes or weakened by your Incendiary.

Utilizing Brimstone Valorant Abilities

Next, we would like to go over how you can utilize each of these Valorant Brimstone abilities, to your team’s advantage.

How To Incendiary

Valorant Brimstone’s Incendiary grenade offers three tactical uses. Firstly, you can establish area denial by throwing them into choke points like doorways or passages. The lingering fire forces enemies to either retreat or fight while taking significant damage.

This is also excellent for flushing out enemies. Tossing it into smoked-off corners or behind cover forces them to relocate, revealing their position and disrupting their hiding spot. Finally, Incendiary becomes a potent defensive tool after planting the Spike.

How To Sky Smoke

Valorant Brimstone’s Sky Smoke is a strategic tool for both offense and defense. During site entry, smoke off crucial areas like entrances or flanking routes. This disrupts enemy vision, creating a smokescreen for your team to push onto the site and establish control safely.

Similarly, after planting the Spike, use smokes to obscure areas where enemies might lurk for a retake. This limits their options, forcing them into predictable paths that make them easier targets for your team. Finally, when rotating between bomb sites, strategically deploy smoke to conceal your team’s movements.

How To Stim Beacon

Before initiating a fight, strategically place a Stim Beacon. The increased fire rate grants your team a significant advantage during the crucial initial burst of gunfire, allowing them to eliminate enemies before they can react potentially.

This beacon also shines in defensive situations. When holding a choke point, position a Stim Beacon nearby. This empowers your team to respond swiftly and unleash a torrent of fire upon any enemies attempting to push through. Similarly, when retaking a bombsite, utilize the Stim Beacon to supercharge your team’s firepower during the push.

How To Orbital Strike

This devastating laser attack can single-handedly change the tide of a round. Need to clear out a heavily fortified enemy position? Unleash Orbital Strike to scatter and damage entrenched foes, creating a golden opportunity for your team to push in and secure the Spike.

But be mindful, that cunning enemies might deploy smokes or other abilities to block the laser’s path. Line up your shot carefully to ensure maximum impact. Orbital Strike also shines during defense. If the enemy team is attempting a defuse, unleash the strike to damage them and force them to abandon the Spike or face the fiery consequences.

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