The trend towards conscious consumption has affected not only food and other daily habits, but also fashion. This season, as in the past, vintage items are especially popular. You can either buy them at flea markets and vintage stores, or find them in your parents’ closet or grandma’s chest. By combining vintage items with new ones, you can create many stylish looks. Read about how to do this in the Heroine material.

Vintage Leather Jacket and Basic Tee

A leather jacket is one of the main elements of a stylish basic wardrobe. Vintage jackets most often have a straight, slightly elongated cut. The jacket collar most often has a classic rectangular shape or is completely absent. Vintage leather jackets are also characterized by wide shoulders and are most often lined.

If you want to wear such a jacket in style, be inspired by the images of Vanessa Hudgens. The actress pairs a leather jacket with an oversized printed T-shirt and light blue jeans. And model Bella Hadid prefers a bright orange leather jacket and pairs it with low-rise jeans and a cropped cardigan.

Vintage denim jacket and trendy jeans with crop top

Thick denim jackets have always been relevant. A universal item suitable for creating both every day and brighter looks. Vintage denim jackets usually have an oversized cut. Most often they are made of classic blue denim and have a cropped length. Model Gigi Hadid shows by her example how to combine a vintage denim jacket in one look with a bright tank top and low-rise wide denim pants that are trendy this season.

90’s semi-sheer top and mid-low-rise trousers

Mesh tops with short and long sleeves, popular in the 90s and early 2000s, are trending again today. Vintage models most often come with either abstract images or plain colors. Get inspired by Kendall Jenner’s vintage style looks. The model pairs tight colored tops with matching mid-rise trousers. She uses small bags and rectangular glasses as accessories.

Vintage Knit Cardigan and Straight Leg Pants with Wide Waistband

Knitted cardigans are one of the main trends this season. Vintage styles are often made from fine knitwear and are form-fitting. Models fastened with small buttons are especially popular. Both plain cardigans and models with embroidery are in trend. Model Bella Hadid is a big fan of vintage shopping and prefers to wear cardigans with straight, mid-rise jeans. She accessorizes with a baguette bag in this season’s trendy snake print.

Wool jacket and sports jacket

The fashion for sporty chic, which was once set by Princess Diana, has been relevant for many years. She loved not only voluminous sweaters, but also massive woolen jackets “from a man’s shoulder.”

Vintage jackets are especially popular this season. They fit well not only into classic 90s-style looks, but can also become an accent detail of an everyday look. Thus, model Hailey Bieber combines wide vintage jackets in one look with a warm knitted sweater and joggers. She accessorizes with a basic black beanie and large hoop earrings.

Vintage accessories for everyday wear

Sunglasses, earrings, chains: vintage accessories are in high demand today. They can often be seen on show business stars. Particularly popular are models of glasses reminiscent of those worn by the heroes of the film “The Matrix.” The elongated and thin rectangular shape of the glasses adds mystery and sexuality to the image. Oval glasses with thin frames and colored glass are another vintage model loved by many. Take inspiration from influencers as they pair vintage sunglasses with both casual and evening looks.

Leather Trench coat with Classic Jeans

A leather raincoat is a versatile and stylish item that adds mystery and composure to your look. Vintage models made of genuine leather in black and shades of brown are especially relevant. Long leather coats go well with classic high-waisted jeans. This is exactly how Kendall Jenner prefers to wear them. A brighter model of this season’s green shade is demonstrated by Hailey Bieber. The model inspires you to create a simple but bright everyday look.

Vintage puff collar blouses and high waist trousers

Voluminous lace collars are one of the most delicate and feminine details of vintage blouses and shirts. They allow you to create a simultaneously modest, but at the same time stylish, accent look.

Shirts with voluminous sleeves go well with both cardigans and long classic coats. White and colored vintage shirts pair well with classic blue jeans or trendy high-waisted trousers. For inspiration on how to create your look, check out the style of Beth Dutton inspired outfits.

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