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Cannabis is a common plant known for its relaxing effects. More than 147 million people globally use it for medicinal and therapeutic purposes, although it’s still illegal in some countries. If you use cannabis and need to experiment with its growth, you have come to the right place. We will discuss the step-by-step process of choosing the seed, germinating it, and monitoring its development. 

It takes 4 to 8 days for the sprout to develop. The entire plant takes less than a year to mature. However, the first few weeks are the most critical and challenging to ensure your crop is healthy. Keep reading for details on planting this sensational plant. 

What You Need To Grow Cannabis 

Like with any plant, you need a basic setup for germination and growth. You should have the seeds and a good place to grow where there is enough light and humidity. Learn more about how to germinate cannabis seeds, the right conditions to provide, and the mistakes to avoid during the process. Here is a summary of the most vital things you need to grow marijuana successfully.   

Light – light facilitates the cannabis-growing process and speeds up photosynthesis. Ensure there’s enough natural light, or find artificial options like LED lights. 

Nutrients – cannabis seeds need nutrients to fuel their growth. You can add fertilizer if the soil’s natural nutrients are not enough. 

Water –water helps transport nutrients to all parts of the plant. Keep water ready ahead of germination. 

Growth medium – you need a place to grow your cannabis. It can be on the ground, in water, or in other areas, as discussed later in this guide. 

Seeds – lastly, get high-quality seeds that you will use for germination.   

The Process of Growing Cannabis 

Here is the general step-by-step process for germinating cannabis seeds. 

Step I: Inspect Seeds 

Guide 101:Germinating Cannabis Seeds the Healthy Way  

Cannabis seeds come in varying colors and sizes, and choosing the ideal one may be hard just by looking at them. Therefore, your first step should be to buy the seeds and inspect their quality.. 

Decide whether you will grow cannabis sativa or indica, depending on the species which has a high market demand. After that, check the shells to confirm if they are mature for growth. Immature seeds will have a whitish or greenish look, while mature ones come in a darker color, which can be gray or brown. Once you separate mature and immature seeds, dip the temperature ones in water and get rid of the ones that float.  

Step 2: Select the Right Germination Method 

You can grow marijuana in various ways. Here are the main ways to consider. 

a) Direct Soil Planting 

This is a natural method in which you dip the cannabis seed a half-inch into the soil with enough moisture. You can grow outdoors or in the house in a place where there is enough soil. 

b) Paper Towel Technique 

Paper towels are a popular technique for home growers because they are affordable and available. Use two pieces of paper towels and place the seeds between them. Also, place an object like a plate on the bottom and another on top to prevent moisture loss. The seeds will sprout within three to five days. Once they sprout, take them to a medium with soil for growing. 

c) Water Soaking 

This method involves soaking marijuana seeds in lukewarm water for around 32 hours and then transferring them to a medium with soil. If the seeds have not grown in 32 hours, transfer them to a paper towel until the sprouts come up, then move them to moist soil. Soaking cannabis seeds in water softens the shell and facilitates growth. 

d) The Germination Station 

A germination station is like a small greenhouse in which you plant cannabis seeds. You can use trays with nutrient-rich soil for growth and cover them with plastic paper. Once they grow, you can move them to different parts of the compound where you need them to mature. 

All germination methods are great, and choosing any other one depends on your personal preferences and the availability of the materials. Get the basics of each first before attempting to save money and time on the process. 

Step 3: Keep Moisture, Light, and Temperature on Point 

Guide 101:Germinating Cannabis Seeds the Healthy Way  

Now that you’ve chosen your germination method and the sprouts have grown, you should ensure enough light, temperature, and moisture. Cannabis needs enough moisture and plenty of light to thrive well. Similarly, the humidity should be enough (80 to 90%) with enough air flow to stretch and grow the seedlings.  

Step 4: Keep Monitoring the Growth 

Germination is a continuous process that requires concentration at every stage. As the plant grows, you should monitor whether it gets enough nutrients. If not, you can add more manure and fertilizer.  

Similarly, you should allow enough space because if they are overcrowded, they will keep growing tall, compete for light, and may yield less than expected. Avoid congestion by spacing them. Within a few months, your cannabis plants will be all grown and will require less attention. 


The seedling stage of a cannabis plant takes the least time but is vital to ensuring the plant grows well and is healthy. If you are a beginner, start by collecting healthy seeds. Identify the ideal germination method, and pick a growing area with enough light, moisture, and humidity. 

Monitor the seedling’s growth and seek expert help if it doesn’t grow as expected. Your cannabis plant will mature in eight months or less, but the exact period depends on the type of species you grow and the nutrients available. Visit Blogest for more interesting blogs.

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