DJ Akademiks role in premiering alleged diss tracks in 2024DJ Akademiks role in premiering alleged diss tracks in 2024

DJ Akademiks is presently trending on Twitter due to his position in premiering alleged diss tracks from Drake and Rick Ross. Let’s spoil it down:

from Drake and Rick Ross

Drake’s Diss Track:

  • Drake responded to Kendrick Lamar and other rap friends with a song tentatively titled “Push Ups.”
  • He took aim at Kendrick Lamar, Future, Metro Boomin, The Weeknd, and Rick Ross.
  • In the lyrics, Drake jabbed at Kendrick’s stature and monetary splits in his settlement with Top Dawg Entertainment.
  • He additionally grew to become his interest to Rick Ross, mentioning their collaborations and Ross’s correction officer past.

Rick Ross Fires Back:

  • Rick Ross wasted no time and launched his personal diss music called “Champagne Moments.”
  • In it, he accused Drake of stealing Lil Wayne’s drift and even referenced a past nose process.
  • The feud between the 2 artists has caught the eye of fanatics and the hip-hop community.

DJ Akademiks, recognized for his media presence and connections in the rap global, performed a good sized function in premiering these tracks, sparking discussions and reactions throughout social media platforms. 🎤🔥

Who is DJ Akademiks.

DJ Akademiks, whose real name is Livingston Allen, is a Jamaican-American podcaster, internet persona, and live streamer. He received fame thru his YouTube channel, where he included current news within the song enterprise, especially focusing on hip-hop. Let’s dive into more details about his lifestyles and profession:

Early Life and Background:

  • DJ Akademiks turned into born in Spanish Town, Jamaica.
  • His father, a college primary, had numerous extramarital affairs because of his prosperous status in Jamaican society. This strained the circle of relatives dynamics.
  • Raised mostly by using his mom and grandmother, DJ Akademiks later migrated to America in 2001.


  • He holds a bachelor’s degree in biomathematics from Rutgers University (New Brunswick Campus).
  • Interestingly, he was a disc jockey for the Rutgers University radio station WRSU-FM till 2013, when he changed into kicked out for his remark and track choice.

Career Journey:

  • DJ Akademiks started as a ordinary participant in on line hip-hop boards.
  • His YouTube channel, created in October 2012, first of all featured university disc jockey classes, interviews, and hip-hop opinions.
  • Over time, he transitioned to posting breaking information within the hip-hop genre, gaining a full-size following.
  • He co-hosted Everyday Struggle, a every day display with the aid of Complex Networks, and currently hosts his personal podcast, Off the Record with DJ Akademiks, to be had on Spotify.

In precis, DJ Akademiks has made a extensive impact in the entertainment industry, specially via his insightful observation and coverage of hip-hop way of life.

About his podcast.

Off the Record with DJ Akademiks is a podcast available on both Spotify1 and Apple Podcasts2. Here’s what you want to realize:

  • Host: The show is hosted with the aid of DJ Akademiks (Livingston Allen), a Jamaican-American podcaster, net persona, and live streamer.
  • Content: The podcast covers tune, amusement, and subculture. Drawing from years of reporting on track traits, DJ Akademiks brings insightful conversations to listeners.
  • Hip-Hop Focus: With Off the Record, he’s taking his hip-hop insurance to the next stage, offering discussions with incredible figures inside the industry.
  • Support: You can concentrate to the podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts, depending on your chosen platform.

Feel free to song in and explore the modern day in tune and amusement! 🎤🔥

What controversies has DJ Akademiks been involved in?

DJ Akademiks, whose actual call is Livingston Allen, has faced giant controversy. One super incident involves a latest lawsuit filed against him by using Fauziya “Ziya” Abashe. Here are the information:

Lawsuit Allegations:

Akademiks’ Response:

  • In a latest livestream, Akademiks noted the lawsuit as “a shakedown.”
  • He keeps his innocence, declaring that he has in no way been charged with any deviant conduct.

The legal proceedings will decide the outcome, but this controversy has drawn attention to the media personality’s actions and man or woman.

DJ Akademiks net worth

As of May 2024, DJ Akademiks’ internet really worth is anticipated to be $7 million. His a hit career as a YouTuber, podcaster, and media character has contributed to his wealth. From masking hip-hop information on YouTube to co-hosting Everyday Struggle, DJ Akademiks has made a big effect inside the entertainment enterprise

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