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BJU Press Curriculum – Are you looking for a top-notch Christian homeschooling curriculum? Look no further than BJU Press Curriculum! With its comprehensive education program, it’s no surprise that this curriculum is popular among homeschooling families, including mine! We use this program and love it. BJU Press was initially designed for Christian schools, but it has successfully transitioned to meet the unique needs of homeschoolers. So, if you want to give your kids the best education while instilling Christian values, BJU Press curriculum is the perfect choice!

Let’s take a closer look at it below.

Overview of the BJU Press Curriculum Homeschooling Curriculum

The BJU Press Christian homeschooling curriculum operates on a traditional spiral education model, and it is used in many Christian schools today.

In this model, parents acquire the curriculum materials and guide their children through the lessons, mirroring a traditional classroom setting.

Or they can choose teacher-led video lessons (my favorite choice as it makes it a more open-and-go homeschool curriculum).

Notably, the curriculum imparts knowledge from a Biblical worldview, aligning with gospel-centered Christian values.

They have unaccredited and accredited options.


One notable feature of the BJU Press curriculum is its flexibility in format options.

Families can choose between an online or paper-based curriculum catering to individual preferences.

Additionally, the option to pay in monthly installments makes the program more accessible, facilitating an easier entry into homeschooling for interested parents.

Students enrolled in the BJU Press program typically spend around three hours daily on their studies, offering a manageable workload for students and parents.

Furthermore, the curriculum has a 30-day money-back guarantee, reassuring families exploring this educational path.

Accreditation for Peace of Mind

For parents seeking accreditation for their homeschooling efforts, the BJU Press curriculum offers an accredited form.

(In my opinion, this is one of the best homeschooling accredited programs today.)

They offer accreditation for all grades, including middle and high school.

This accreditation can alleviate concerns related to compliance with educational standards and documentation required by school authorities.

Exploring the Curriculum Itself

The BJU press curriculum distinguishes itself with vibrant and engaging content.

Carefully designed graphics, particularly evident in programs such as Math and Focus on Fives Kindergarten Reading, contribute to a visually stimulating learning experience.

The well-written text encourages critical thinking and introduces students to relevant concepts prominently displayed in the Biblical Worldviews course.

Diverse Curriculum Options

BJU Press stands out by providing a range of curriculum options to cater to varying preferences and requirements:

Grade Kits

The grade kits, available in traditional textbook format, offer flexibility in purchasing.

Parents can choose between the student kit, teacher kit, or the complete grade kit, tailoring their investment to specific needs.

Subject Kits

For those preferring a focused approach, subject kits are available.

These kits include student workbooks, teaching manuals, tests, and answer keys for individual subjects and grades.

Video Courses

BJU Press curriculum introduces video courses, combining the curriculum’s content with engaging visual elements.

Accessible online or through DVDs, these courses offer a time-saving option for homeschooling parents.

Homeschool Books

BJU Press curriculum also offers a great range of homeschool books. I have many of them listed on my complete homeschool booklist.

These books come with FREE postage! So they’re a great option if you’re looking for books on good character.


BJU Homeschool Hub

Parents don’t have to worry about keeping grades and certificates as everything is stored in the BJU Press Homeschool Hub.

The BJU Press Hub is where children can do their video lessons, and everything is marked and recorded for you there.

Is the BJU Press Homeschool Curriculum the Right Fit for You?

Determining the suitability of the BJU Press curriculum depends on various factors. Here are considerations for families contemplating this educational path:

Christian Worldview: The curriculum is ideal for families seeking to integrate a Christian worldview into their child’s education. This is great if you want to avoid secular curriculum.

Visual Learners: Video courses cater to visual learners, offering a dynamic and engaging educational experience.

Structured Planning: BJU Press streamlines the planning process with their Homeschool Hub, providing a well-organized curriculum requiring minimal parental preparation.

Long-Term Commitment: Families looking for a curriculum spanning from pre-K to high school may find BJU Press an appealing and consistent choice.

Accreditation: For parents seeking certification for their homeschooling efforts, the BJU Press curriculum provides a recognized option.

Independent Learning: The video courses offer a valuable solution for working homeschool parents or those with multiple responsibilities, allowing students to work more independently with their video lesson option.

If this sounds like the course for you, check out a more detailed BJU Press review here.

A Comprehensive Guide to the BJU Press Curriculum

Abeka vs. BJU Press

There are some other curriculum options similar to BJU Press. Abeka Academy is the closest program in form.

BJU Press curriculum and Abeka are Christian publishers offering materials for homeschooling, traditional schools, and distance learning.

They cover Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, Health, Bible, Music, and PE.

Both have a conservative Christian perspective and a traditional approach to education.

They offer textbooks, workbooks, tests, and engaging video lessons.

While BJU Press has a The Academy of Home Education, Abeka has Abeka Academy.

Differences exist in content, teaching methods, and materials. BJU Press is slightly cheaper, has shorter video lessons, but hasn’t been around for as long as Abeka.

It’s up to the parents to decide which aligns best with their educational preferences.

 Compare BJU Press vs. Abeka more here.

Sonlight Vs BJU Press

BJU Press and Sonlight Curriculum are Christian curriculum companies that offer homeschooling and traditional school material.

Both are popular homeschooling options.

The former emphasizes traditional textbooks and workbooks, along with video lessons.

The latter takes a literature-based approach, using real books, biographies, and historical fiction. You also get a huge boxed curriculum to your door with Sonlight.

Sonlight may be time-consuming for parents if they do all the reading independently. It becomes easier when students can do a more self-paced way of learning by reading things themselves.

Both curriculums are designed to be engaging and have a Christian perspective. They’re

My Father’s World vs BJU Press

BJU Press and My Father’s World are both Christian curriculum providers known for their strong academic rigor and conservative Christian perspective.

BJU Press curriculum uses a traditional approach with textbooks and workbooks.

My Father’s World offers an eclectic approach that combines elements of:

● classical education,

● Charlotte Mason method, and

● unit studies.

BJU Press is more structured, while My Father’s World is more flexible and student-centered.

Compare BJU Press vs My Father’s World more here.

The Bottom Line on BJU Press

The BJU Press curriculum offers a well-rounded and flexible educational solution for Christian homeschooling families, providing diverse options to cater to individual preferences and needs. I’ve used BJU Press for my son from kindergarten, and I really love this program and highly recommend it.
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