5 Ways PQC Services Can Improve Your Business

Encryption has been widely regarded as one of the most secure data protection methods. The infrastructure is very compact, and breaking any standard encryption would be virtually impossible. 

However, all this changed with the advent of Quantum computers. These types of computers can break even the most complex encryption algorithm if given time. This led to the concept of PQC, a.k.a Post Quantum Cryptography. 

You might be wondering; how does this translate to the security of your business infrastructure? Well, wonder no more. This article aims to expose you to the concept of PQC and show you five ways PQC services can help improve your business. 

Concept of PQC 

Virtually all applications running on the internet today are protected by a set of encryption protocols e.g. RSA, DSA, DH, etc. These protocols are very difficult to decipher such that it’ll take thousands of years for a classical computer to break the encryption.  

Quantum computers, on the other hand, are much more powerful and advanced. With sufficient time, they can crack most of the encryption protocols used today, leading to the concept of PQC (Post-Quantum Cryptography). 

The concept of PQC revolves around changing the underlying mathematical problems. It uses unproven math problems, making it difficult for classical and quantum computers to decipher. 

Ways PQC Services Improve Business 

The concept of PQC is quite new and is yet to gain worldwide adoption. However, it has applications in several industries, including business. The following are 5 ways PQC services improve business: 

1. Future Proof Security

5 Ways PQC Services Can Improve Your Business

Malicious actors tend to upgrade their skills whenever a new technology is launched. Who knows what’ll happen when quantum computers become mainstream in the coming years? However, before that happens, you must ensure your business is protected on all fronts. 

Implementing PQC algorithms in your infrastructure ensures that your data remains secure even when quantum computers become mainstream i.e. future-proofing. You’ll be able to protect data from present and emerging threats. 

It also ensures your readiness for various compliance laws and standards that will be enacted soon. 

2. Enhance Customer Trust 

5 Ways PQC Services Can Improve Your Business

Regardless of the size of their investment, customers won’t sleep easy knowing their money isn’t safe. If you want to win the trust of old and prospective customers, you’ll have to secure your security infrastructure, and what better way than to go quantum-proof? 

Implementing PQC services reassures your customers that their sensitive data is immune to the death grip of quantum computers. They’ll be much more confident in reimbursing their investments because they trust and believe in your security infrastructure. 

As a brand, applying PQC can also help boost your global reputation among competitors. In a market as competitive as the 21st Century, you could stand out as one of the pioneers of quantum-proofing solutions. 

3. Mitigate Risk 

5 Ways PQC Services Can Improve Your Business

The threat posed by the unethical applications of quantum computing hasn’t been brought to the limelight yet. However, they remain very dangerous. If the integrity of an encryption is broken, the attacker would have access to every bit of information encrypted on the device. 

Implementing PQC services can help in neutering this threat. Instead of reacting to a security incident, PQC services provide proactive measures that address the threat of quantum computing. It mitigates potential risks and vulnerabilities while safeguarding your business from malicious actors. 

PQC services ensure your business runs uninterrupted and protects against potential quantum attacks. 

4. Gain Competitive Advantage 

As you may have realized, the PQC concept isn’t very popular, so not many businesses are in on it yet. However, if you get on the train now, your security infrastructure will have taken a giant leap ahead of most competitors. 

Implementing PQC in your infrastructure puts you at the forefront of secured enterprises. It also positions your business as a leader in adopting new, cutting-edge technologies. This would help you attract clients that are very big on the security of their investments. Offering quantum-proof security solutions would help you secure your customer base and expand beyond your reach to global customers and industries. 

5. Increased Operational Efficiency 

5 Ways PQC Services Can Improve Your Business

The transition from traditional cryptographic services to PQC services is seamless. The solutions can be implemented on top of existing solutions, ensuring uninterrupted operations during the transition. 

It can also help reduce costs that would’ve been incurred from future overhauls. The investment can be done gradually while integrating PQC into your infrastructure. Payments can be spread over a long time, thereby reducing long-term expenses. 


The concept of PQC services is not yet popular in the business industry, but it is growing rapidly regardless. Threat actors aren’t going to relent, and the attacks will get more sophisticated with each passing year. For your business to remain protected from the emerging threats of quantum computing in cryptography, you must equip your infrastructure with PQC capabilities. This will help you protect data, maintain customer trust, and remain at the forefront of an evolving digital landscape. 

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